Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Night

Kerstin had a fairly good day today. She finished the last of her chemo this morning and now she is in the recovery phase for this cycle. It sounds like she got some of her appetite back and managed to stay awake most of the day reading books and playing. It's a nice change from yesterday. All we can do is take it day by day.


Jorie and Jacob said...

Hi Kerstin, As pretty as you look in your pink jammies, you look just as pretty in blue! Glad to hear you were feeling better today! Sweet dreams, sweetie! :) the Scheele's

toninette said...

You're looking fabulous! Hope you feel as good as you look! Give your mom a hug for me please!


Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

Hey Kerstin,
You're still looking good! It was fun to hang out with you. I'm looking forward to our sleepover next weekend. Do you have any more work for Jay your Servant to do?

The Toalson Family said...


We are so glad you are feeling better and got to play today. The Toalsons

Lori said...

Hi Kerstin!
So glad you were feeling better today. I see you have a new little friend in your picture. You'll have to introduce me to him when I come see you again. You take care little sweetie! Lots of hugs for you, your mommy, your daddy and your big sis!
Love, Lori Holstein

Brian and Brenna said...

Nice Blue Pj's,

It was so nice to hear your voice today. We love the great pictures but we look forward to visiting you again.

Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, It was so nice to hear your sweet voice on the phone last night. We RooneyToons are all glad you're feeling better!

xoxoxo, Aunt Sandi, Uncle Carl, Casey & Kenna

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin -

I am hoping you will be feeling better really soon! I loved the picture of your spiked hair! I am hoping you remember me, I was a Sunday School teacher last year. Xander & I have been thinking about you!

- Darla Sutter

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kerstin! I like your pajamas. I guess your dad wanted his pink ones back! Ha ha. You are such a brave and strong person for enduring the past couple of weeks. I am so proud of you! I love you and we are all thinking of you all the time.

Todd and Family