Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good Days and Bad Days

November 5, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

Just an update on Kerstin’s condition. The chemo is really starting to take its toll on her now: physically and mentally. She has very little energy and no appetite. She does have brief moments of “pep”, but they are cut short by fatigue. During the past couple days we have also watched our energetic and spirited little girl slip in to a state of depression. Her doctors state this is a normal part of the disease, but that doesn’t make it any easier. As much as we would love to have visitors to help cheer her up, we are asking that she does not receive any visitation until further notice. She is finishing up her last dose of chemo tonight for this cycle and it is now that she is at her most vulnerable for getting sick from the common germs carried by most healthy people.

Annie and Jeff are still able to see visitors though. We would welcome a friendly face and would be happy to sit down in the 6th floor waiting room to visit for a few minutes. All we ask is that you call ahead to see what is going on at the time (402-955-5400). We would feel bad if you stopped by and we were not available to see you because we were busy with Kerstin.

We want to thank everyone again for the prayers, good thoughts, and gifts. We continue to be overwhelmed and humbled by the out pouring of love and thoughtfulness from friends, family, and friends of friends and family. God is truly taking care of us and we hope that he is looking after you as well.

Jeff and Annie Leaf


The Bruning Family said...

Kerstin - You look SOOOO grown up with such a hip, new haircut. People are going to think you and McKinsey are twins! We're sorry to hear that you're feeling so yucky. Keep fighting and hang in there so you can get back home soon. We're keeping you and your whole family in our prayers! Deonne, Jon, Lauren and Jack

Myca said...

I hope you get to feeling better so I can come and see you soon. I miss you very much in class.
Myca Cumpston

Lori said...

Hi Kerstin! Love your new do! Very sassy!! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling very well. You are so brave and strong...I know you will be feeling more yourself soon. Eric is in CA and hasn't seen your pictures with the Star Wars guys. He would be very jealous! He likes those movies ALOT! You take care! Big hugs for you! Lori H.

Smiths said...

Hi Kerstin and family,

We have been thinking of you and praying for you during this hard time. We've been looking at your website almost every day to see how your are doing. Claire has been very interested in seeing what it is like in the hospital. She thinks it looks nice but not fun when you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. With love, Claire, Tracey, David, Olivia and Henry Smith

Anonymous said...

Alex and Ben wanted to send a few more jokes your way. Sorry you are feeling so icky. Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. You are a very brave girl. Take care. The Toalsons

What kind of restaurant does a turtle eat at?

Do cows like to sing?

mrsswiatek said...

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling terrible. Hang in there and be brave! The kids and I want you back in our classroom as soon as possible, so even though the medicine is making you feel awful,it will help you get well! We want you well and to see your smiling face again soon!!!!!! Take care of yourself and try to get some rest. Ask your mom and dad to give you a big hug from ALL of Mrs. Swiatek's classroom. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Mrs. Swiatek
PS I will see how you are feeling tomorrow and call tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Kerstin - I'm so sorry that you are not feeling very good and I hope that you will feel better soon. It is good news that all this will hopefully be behind you some day and you will be back to your ususal activities like school, Sunday School, SHARE 5 etc. We've been learning about Joshua in Spirit Quest and yesterday, when we were talking about the story, I just happened to think that the words God told Joshua are good words for your family and for you too sweetie! "Be strong and very courageous, do not be frightened or discouraged, because the Lord, your God will be with you wherever you go." We're praying for you and miss you.
Kathy Paisley