Friday, November 04, 2005

Star Wars Invasion

There were Storm Troopers, X-Wing Fighter Pilots, and Jedi Knights. (Click on "Star Wars Invasion" for more pictures.)


toninette said...

LOVE the hair! You look like a beautiful 2nd grader!

Jacob and Joshua are very jealous of your visitors! I printed out the picture for Joshua - will be on his bedroom wall soon!

Be good - we miss you!



Ellen Kinsey said...

Dear Kerstin,

My brother would love the Clones and the Jedi Knights!! I wish you would get better really really really really soon! I love you. Love Ellen Marie Kinsey

Anonymous said...

Kerstin, Kristy and I love your new hairstyle! You are a very pretty little girl. Jacob and Joshua are not the only boys jealous about the Star Wars gang! That was cool! I hope you are doing well and being a trooper yourself! We think about you all day and we are praying for you. I look forward to seeing the musical at your church. I like watching your dad play the drums because he is very good at that. I hope to see you soon!

Todd and Kristy and Gang