Friday, November 04, 2005

Salon Day

Maybe a little shampoo will take that spike out of it.

And then the fingernails need to be done.

And finally a new haircut. (Click on "Salon Day" title to see more pictures.)


lisa5105 said...

Kerstin, Hi! my name is Hayley and I am in your mom's class. I hope you are feeling better. I heard our computer teacher gave you a computer. I was wondering where it went! Anyway I like your hair cut. It sort of looks like mine.

Hayley Bell

The Baginski's said...


We love your haircut. You look very adorable. We also loved the funky fin on top of your head. We are thinking about you.
Love - Alisha, Kathryn, Darren & Susan

Anonymous said...

We absolutely love your new haircut! I always thought you were a pretty little girl, but now you look like a beautiful big girl. I bet your nails look pretty, too. We hope to see you soon.

Todd and Kristy

Anonymous said...

Kerstin, you look FABULOUS!! I love your new haircut. You're as darling as ever.

I'm hoping when I get over this yucky cough and drippy nose I can come and see you. (I'll make sure to ask your mommy and daddy first.) Kinsey said you like to do crafts so I'll bring a project we can all do together.

Hugs to you,
Mrs. Braun

Brian and Brenna said...

Love the new dooo.

Very cute... I suppose it is even a bit handier now for you to look SUPER CUTE.