Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Donut for breakfast!

Kerstin finally ate something this morning - half a glazed donut. I know it doesn't sound like much, but we celebrate even the small successes. We are looking forward to a good day.


Pastor Greg said...


A donut for breakfast! Yahoo! I hope it was yummy! I think it is so cool that you have your own page on the computer. I love that I can see you each day. I look at your pictures and say a prayer for you every day. You are a precious girl, and I know that everything will be okay.

Take care!

Pastor Greg

Anonymous said...

Hello Kerstin:

I too am envious of a dounut for breakfast!! When you get older you'll have to eat things that aren't as much fun!! So enjoy, enjoy!
I am a member of the "joseph" drama, and we are getting ready to start our first performance this Friday. You dad is doing a really great job playing the drums for us!!We appreciate him sooooo much!
Please know Kerstin, that every night, after every practice, we all pray together. We thank God for the chance to be in a production like "Joseph" and we always say a prayer for You, and your Mom, and Dad, and your sister!
We are there with you, through the good times and the bad times.

Enjoy those dounuts and GET WELL SOON! (hope you liked the bear we sent you!)

mrsswiatek said...

You look like you are ready for college with your laptop computer. I just want you back in Kindergarten soon! I am glad you were able to eat a little bit today. Every little bits counts as the saying goes. I am sooooo happy I get to see pictures of you every day! The kids are very excited when I call them over to the computer to show them your latest pictures. I hear a lot of "I miss Kerstin!". We plan to make you something to brighten up your room this Friday. Take care sweetie! God Bless, Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Anonymous said...

Okay Kerstin, now you have gone and done it! I cannot look at a picture of you eating a donut and go without eating one or two or three myself tomorrow morning. I hope you will not be taking a lot of pictures with food in them because I will probably get fat real fast and then Kristy will be upset with me! I hope to see you soon!

Todd and Family

Aunt Sandi said...

Dear Kerstin,

I'm happy you're feeling a little better. Donuts are my favorite breakfast, too, but I only get them on weekends! Bet yours tasted extra good after having an upset tummy. I love you! Love, Casey

I hope you feel better soon. Your pajamas are beautiful. I love pink, too! How did you make goop to match your pajamas? :) I miss you and I love you. Love, Kenna

We are off to school and work now. Hope you have another great day of sweet treats and fun projects! We love you very much and hold you close in our hearts all day long. Love, Aunt Sandi & Uncle Carl

Deb Spellmeyer said...

Good Morning Kerstin :-)
I am a sorority sister of your Mom, and we enjoyed several years of traveling to AOII conventions together. Annette O. who goes to my church sent a prayer request for you and your family, and I pray every day. I enjoy seeing your pictures, especially the donut and looked like a lot of fun and the color pink is awesome! Get well soon. God bless you!