Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A better day

Although she has only had a few bites to eat, Kerstin felt a lot better today. Her attitude has been more positive as well. We kept busy with school time, a goop activity, painting, and even organizing the "drawer of fun." She is still taking antibiotics because of her fever, but they have changed them to a different kind. Unfortunately, this new type needs to be taken orally, along with an antacid, and her usual dose of less than delicious Atra. When you don't feel like eating, you don't really want to take more "yucky" medicine. We had ourselves quite a battle at noon today, but Rob in Child Life helped us create a sticker chart which we hope will help for future doses. :)


toninette said...

Hey Kerstin!

Sorry to hear you have a fever!

Sounds like you need to get that pink goop out and play with that again! You always need to have pink goop within reaching distance - makes life more fun! Good night sweet one!



Anonymous said...

From Lizzie Miller:
I don't like medicines either just give me some water from the well please! Remember we sang that song together in church? Get better and take that yucky stuff so you can come home!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerstin guess what? Your dad is going to let me tear down the old shed in the back yard of your house. Should I save just a little scrap for you to remember it? Your dad is smart and I know that because he asked me to come tear it down and not to build one. He has known me long enough to know where my talents are! I hope you have a good night and that the sunset was beautiful tonight! Sweet dreams.


Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

You've been busy! I'll have to practice on connect 4 before I come visit. The girls beat the boys in Sequence last weekend. They were sore losers and claimed we cheated. Do I have to watch you carefully?

Anonymous said...

Jacob, Carson, Max and I were looking at your website earlier and they want me to tell you they miss you!! They liked your haircut too.
I think I will have to get the recipe for GOOP that looks like fun.
I am sorry you have to take yucky medicine. Jacob has been taking cold medicine and he thinks his is yucky too.
We are praying that we get to see your smiling face again soon.
Love, Annette

Jeanne Schroeder said...

Hi Kerstin--I am so sorry you have to drink yucky medicine. My kids don't like anything they have to drink, either. But we have a trick you might ask your nurse about, okay?

We measure out the medicine in a little cup and then squirt chocolate or strawberry syrup in it and stir with a straw and drink. (They usually have to have a chaser of 7up or water sitting beside, too.)

Hope you have a sunny day! :}
Jeanne Schroeder