Thursday, November 10, 2005

God is so good!

Jeff was able to come and hang out with Kerstin and I for the day. Kerstin is feeling so much better the last 2 days. She has been eating a little bit here and there, and we are so glad. She has been fever-free for over a day now! God has been so good to us. We know that all of you that are praying for us has made a huge difference! Please continue to pray for strength, healing, and lots of patience! We love you all!
Annie and Jeff


toninette said...

What a beautiful picture! And yes, God is good! Be well and be happy wonderful Leaf family!



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture! So glad Kerstin is feeling better :)! Prayers and happy thoughts to you.
The Toalsons

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Kerstin! It is good to see you smiling!! I love to look at all those critters behind you in the pictures. They look very soft and cuddly. Have you given them all names? Jenny has names for all her stuffed animals (yes even at her age!)
That computer looked like alot of fun,
you will be better at the computer than me!
Love you bunches - lots of hugs and kisses! Sheila

Jeanne Schroeder said...

Great picture. You and mommy are so pretty. Dad isn't too bad, either. Yes, I made the blankie. Hope you or mommy enjoy it. (Or sister!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Leaf family! I was so excited to find this blog site- every day I think about you and pray for you and wonder how you are feeling. Kerstin you are looking so great! I was reading the letters your dad wrote and noticed you were trying to figure out how to take icky medicine. My youngest daughter, Elise, has to take medicine every day and it's no fun when she doesn't want to. Maybe someday you could share a good trick with her for drinking medicine that is yucky? We are looking forward to watching your dad play drums in Joseph this weekend. Thanks for sharing him with us! Keep being strong and get better quick! Love you, Julie Anderson

Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

Neat picture!!! We give thanks for every day. o a d, e d, a d l.
(once a day, every day, all day long) Love.

Brian and Brenna said...


I am so glad to hear you are feeling better today. We'll pray that you keep on this road for awhile.

Pink Goop???? When can I come to play... although I will make sure that the syringes are put away first.
Brian and Brenna

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your mom was my sons teacher last year so I know first hand you have great help with your school activities. It was great to see your smiles.
Mary, Scott, Connor, Alaetra and Malayah Long

mrsswiatek said...

What a great picture and what great news!!! I am so happy you are feeling better and eating. Keep up the super work!!! All the K kids made a special something for you to brighten up your room and day. Mrs. Marcelino said to tell you hi and that she is missing your shining face. It was nice talking to your dad at conferences last night. You have a super report card! Keep working hard for Miss Maggie. God Bless Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Erica said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of all of you! It brings tears to my eyes to see you together and smiling. You have been so brave and gracious through this event. This picture brings hope and strength to your "bloggers" like me.

Sending prayers and get well thoughts -


Erica said...

P.S.S. Did you notice the animals are smiling too?