Friday, November 11, 2005

Silly Dr. Ben

Kerstin and her favorite (sorry Rachel) Medical Student, Dr. Ben, are horsing around. Dr. Ben has a pug, too!


Dr. Ben said...

Hi Kerstin! Thanks for sharing the cookie with me today, it was so yummy. I feel honored to have my picture on here. See you on Monday...

Anonymous said...

Kerstin - Its great to hear that you are feeling better. I'm sure its still not easy but you seem like the type of person that can get through any challenge.
We performed "Joseph" for the first time and it sounds like it was a hit! The cast and crew have you in our hearts and prayers and can't wait to welcome you back to Sheridan.
Thank you (and your Mom and sister) for sharing your Dad with us. The band is INCREDIBLE!
Pray for us tonight during our next show and we'll send prayers right back to you.
Bryce "go-go-Joseph" Johnson

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin-
We're so glad you're feeling better! We're praying for you...Just keep thinking positive thoughts.
God's blessing's-
The Anderson family.