Monday, November 07, 2005

Connect Four Champ

Kerstin took a break from napping to play Connect Four with her Great Uncle. Kerstin won 3 out of 4 games. Sorry, Uncle Al! She's had lots of practice.


Anonymous said...

And you think I just let her win since she is in the hospital and not feeling well. You better bring youir "A" game if you expect to have a chance of winning. I was lucky to win one game.

Uncle Jay (Servant) said...

I've heard about how good she is. Way out of my league.

Anonymous said...

Connect Four is an awesome game! Glad to hear you are an expert at that game Kerstin. I would like it if you would teach me how to play sometime! I am a sore looser though so you may have to let me win once in a while just to keep my interest. :)


Anonymous said...

lucky he still has touble beating me, the real champ of connect four. hope you feel better and i look forward to seeing your dad in the play this week, well it stopped snowing here in Montana so i better get back to work. Cousin Todd

Skylar and Sidnee Busch said...

I am glad that you won against my Papa. I usally win too when we play games. My sister and I hope that you are feeling better and are able to come home soon!! Maybe when you are better we could play games together too!! We are praying for you!!

Lots of Love and Hugs

Skylar and Sidnee Busch